Teradata and ODBC SQL Development Environment

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AtanaSuite's QueryTool with IntelliSQL® is the ultimate Teradata SQL development environment! It is packed with more features than any other Teradata SQL product. Check out the Features section below and we think that you will agree. Better yet, download a free trial and see for yourself!

SQL syntax coloring simplifies SQL writing and debugging, while QueryTool's SQL Helper lets you build SQL statement templates quickly and effortlessly! Just drag an object into the SQL Editor, select a SQL command and your query is written instantly! Export SQL to Visual Explain™ with the click of a button.

QueryTool's graphical interface allows you to view your data in the most convenient and user friendly way possible! Dockable windows let you decide what you want to see, where you want to see it and when! Other features such as split-screen viewing, multiple column drag and drop and dynamic grouping provide even more flexibility for viewing your result sets.

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Key Features

Some of the key features found in QueryTool.

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SQL Helper


Join Helper


Named Parameters

QueryTool Features

Some of the key features within QueryTool.

Badge ImageIntelliSQL®
Context aware Teradata statement, keyword, function and database aware dropdowns and tooltips that intelligently guide users in the creation and completion of even the most complex Teradata SQL statements. Built-in syntax error checking as you type to prevent the endless, wasted cycles of syntax checking via execution. It's like having a Teradata professional at your fingertips!
Badge ImageSQL Formatting
Consistent, customizable formatting that can instantly beautify the ugliest SQL mess.
Badge ImageTabbed SQL Editor Windows
Work with multiple SQL statements in separate tab windows and customize the SQL editor and related controls for each. Quickly switch between these windows by clicking on the tab.
Badge ImageColor-coded SQL Syntax
Editable SQL syntax coloring preferences to enable user control over SQL display within the SQL editor.
Badge ImageFind/Replace
Quickly locate and edit SQL using a complete find/replace dialog.
Badge ImageDockable Windows
Pin, unpin, hide and mouse over type features provided for complete customization of your SQL editing environment. Setup your work environment to work with you!
Badge ImageAdvanced Results Display
User customizable multi-column pinning, hiding, grouping, filtering, sorting, re-sizing and re-ordering to enable easier results viewing and analysis.
Badge ImageResults Export
Export results to the most popular formats including Excel.
Badge ImageExplain Syntax Format and Highlight
Teradata Explain syntax formatting and highlighting to aid in quickly identifying potential query issues.
Badge ImageMacro Support

Record a keystroke macro for use in duplicating a repetitive keyboard task quickly and easily.

Badge ImageJoin Helper
Intuitive GUI used to represent, organize and simplify the most common aspects associated with join development while providing instantaneous feedback and support throughout the entire process. Tight integration with other key AtanaSuite technologies like IntelliSQL and AtanaSuite Relationships enhances and automates the process which helps to eliminate errors and promote company standards.
Badge ImageSQL Map
Instantly updated, collapsible keyword, context aware outline of SQL editor information that provides easier navigation of even the most complex statements. Select a SQL Map node and have it instantly highlighted in the corresponding SQL editor.
Badge ImageOther Advanced Editor Features
From block selection to tab and space conversion is also provided to enhance SQL editing capabilities.
Badge ImageAutomatic Outlining
As well as manual override settings to enable easier viewing and editing of long and detailed SQL statements.
Badge ImageMultiple Execution Modes
Toggle between parallel and serial execution modes.
Badge ImageVisual Explain Integration
Just a click sends your SQL to Visual Explain.
Badge ImageTool-to-Tool Integration
The AtanaSuite environment is designed to help get you to the right tool for the job by providing toolbar buttons and context menus that enable context aware loading of information from one tool to another.
Badge ImageSQL Objects
Instantly updated, collapsible query object list that provides concise list of objects for even the most complex statements. Select a SQL Objects item and have it instantly highlighted in the corresponding SQL editor.
Badge ImageSnippets

Snippets are user created portions of SQL or text that may be inserted into the SQL editor window. Expansion and Surrounds With type snippets are supported. Include tokens for additional customization at insertion time.

Badge ImageAtanaSuite Relationships
Define, display and utilize user-defined relationship and join path information standards for your warehouse. Immediately recognize and automatically use this information within SQL Helper and Join Helper.
Badge ImageSQL Helper
Common object and attribute information browsing with drag-n-drop instant SQL and DDL command generation that is the perfect complement to AtanaSuite IntelliSQL.
Badge ImageSQL Editor Display Settings
Line numbering, word wrap, whitespace, and column guide settings.
Badge ImageBookmarks
Tag commonly viewed or accessed portions of SQL within the editor for fast and easy identification and navigation.
Badge ImageRecommend Statistics
Click a toolbar button or menu item to have Teradata recommend the statistics settings for the selected SQL.
Badge ImageSplit Window SQL Editor
Split the SQL editor and navigate to different portions of SQL with ease.
Badge ImageHistory Filter
Control executed SQL statement display, even add notes or execute again with ease.
Badge ImageActive Script Enabled
Save commonly executed SQL, DDL, DCL, DML and related statements as an AtanaSuite Active Script job that can be opened later within JobTool for scheduling, execution and modification.
Badge ImageNamed Parameters
Use parameter token in SQL to have parameter value dialog displayed upon query execution.
Badge ImageDatabase and Object Favorites

Easily maintain databases and objects to a favorites list. Quickly switch from viewing all objects to favorites only.


AtanaSuite is a proven leader in development, management, query, visualization, compression and synchronization productivity products for popular databases including Teradata and Vantage!