AtanaSuite ActiveScript Job and Run Management

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JobTool's intuitive user interface allows you to open AtanaSuite Active Script jobs, created and saved within AtanaSuite ActiveScript enabled tools, with ease. Execute the ActiveScript jobs and review results as if you ran it from the originating tool.

You can use AtanaSuite ActiveScript enabled tools, like QueryTool, DeltaTool and CopyTool, to create and save jobs for use within JobTool.

Using JobTool is simple - open an ActiveScript job that was created within any of the AtanaSuite ActiveScript enabled tools; such as QueryTool, DeltaTool or CopyTool. Execute the job and review your results as if you had run it in its native tool. Results can be sorted, summarized, grouped and exported the same as if it was run within the tool.

Reduce time spent recreating a job that needs to be executed multiple times. Simply create and save it once in the native tool and then use JobTool to run it over and over again.

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Key Features

Some of the key features found in JobTool.

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JobTool - Desktop Scheduler


JobTool - Command Line Arguments

JobTool Features

Some of the key features within JobTool.

AtanaSuite Active Script Job and Run Management
AtanaSuite Active Script jobs and runs are easily managed within this point and click GUI. Just a few clicks is all it takes to browse, open, review, edit and execute previously created Active Script jobs and runs.
Write once and re-use anytime - JobTool is a real productivity enhancer.
Results Grouping
Easily view results by dynamically grouping the columns.
Share your work with colleagues and promote collaboration across development and management teams.
Results Export
Save results to Excel for use elsewhere.
Results Column Filter
Refine your results display by specifying column filters.
AtanaSuite Active Script Job Control
Open, edit and execute jobs created by any of AtanaSuite's Active Script enabled tools.
AtanaSuite Active Script Run Control
Open, review and save previously executed job run results files within JobTool.
Tool-to-Tool Integration
Just a click sends most jobs to the originating tool for additional analysis and editing.

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