Data Dashboard and Visualization Development

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With AtanaSuite DashboardTool, it is easy to transform your warehouse query results into insightful visualizations.

Utilize the power of Teradata to quickly tabulate or aggregate your data and then use AtanaSuite DashboardTool to make it shine!

Dashboard repository included for centralized storage and management of your dashboards and visualizations.

DashboardTool is also integrated with Desktop Scheduler for data source refreshes.

Tool Screenshots

Screenshots of DashboardTool in action.

Key Features

Some of the key features found in DashboardTool.

DashboardTool Screenshots

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Manufacturing Dashboard


Social Media Dashboard


Map Dashboard


DashboardTool - Desktop Scheduler


Sales Dashboard


Marketing Dashboard

DashboardTool Features

Some of the key features within DashboardTool.

Badge Image“Easy as Pie (Chart)!” Dashboard and Visualization Development

Easily transform your query results into powerful and insightful dashboards and visualizations.

Badge ImageWYSIWYG Visualization Editor

Make a design modification and have the visualization immediately updated to reflect it.

Badge ImageQuick Visualization Creation

Simply select a chart or graph and drag data columns into visualization placeholders to have it appear instantly.

Badge ImageGauges

Use Linear, Circular, Text or KPI gauges to set your dashboards apart.

Badge ImageStatistical Functions

Make predictions, recognize and evaluate trends, or discover data outliers using time series forecast, linear regression and detect outliers statistical functions.

Badge ImageField Calculations Support

Create new fields by combining or performing calculations on data source fields.

Badge ImagePopular Grids, Graphs and Charts

Line, area, bar, column, pivot grid, circular, chloropleth, scatter, bubble, tree, funnel, OHLC and pie charts available.

Badge ImageMultiple Save Options and Formats

Save your dashboards to image, Excel, PDF or Powerpoint formats.

Badge ImageDashboard Explorer

Search, categorize and manage dashboards using the dockable Dashboard Explorer.

Badge ImageSchedule Dashboard Data Refreshes

Integrated with Desktop Scheduler to make scheduling data refreshes a snap!

Badge ImageKPI Time and Target

Use KPI Time and KPI Target gauges to make your key performance indicators stand out.

Badge ImageMultiple Data Source Support

Each Dashboard can have multiple data sources.

Badge ImageThemes

Both light and dark mode themes provided.

Badge ImageTabbed Dashboard Display

Work with multiple dashboards in separate tab windows. Quickly switch between these windows by clicking on the tab.

Badge ImageWide Visualization Selection

With over 35 different charts and graphs to choose from, the visualization options are almost endless.

Badge ImageMaintains Dashboard Revisions

Dashboard revisions maintained for additional analysis and comparison.

Badge ImageDashboard Repository

Centralized storage and management of dashboards, visualizations and data.

Badge ImageMaps

Chloropleth, Scatter and Tree Maps provided.

Badge ImageJoin Data Sources

Create joins using available data sources.

Badge ImageAdvanced Predictive Analysis

Perform advanced predictive analysis using time series forecast and linear regression statistical functions.


AtanaSuite is a proven leader in development, management, query, visualization, compression and synchronization productivity products for popular databases including Teradata and Vantage!