AtanaSuite Delta
AtanaSuite Delta is a Microsoft Windows automation program that compares Teradata objects to detect differences. It accepts and outputs XML or JSON files to simplify integration with third party automated processes, schedulers and applications.

AtanaSuite Delta is run from the Windows command prompt and utilizes the same sophisticated delta logic for object comparisons found in the AtanaSuite family of desktop graphical user interface products. It supports several types of comparison analysis operations and can even automatically apply the sync script it creates to bring your objects in sync!

Delta Screenshots

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AtanaSuite Delta XML Input File

Input File - XML

AtanaSuite Delta JSON Input File

Input File - JSON

Command Prompt

Command Prompt Window

AtanaSuite Delta JSON Results

Results File - JSON

AtanaSuite Delta XML Results

Results File - XML

AtanaSuite Delta Sync

Sync Script

Delta Features

Some of the key features within AtanaSuite Delta.

XML and JSON Support
Provide input using either XML or JSON and generate matching comparison operation results.
Recursive Object Type Delta Comparison
Include children databases in the object type comparison operation.
Name Substitution
Partial match, name and regular expression substitution of object names to handle differences between databases and systems.
Individual Object Sync or Replacement SQL
Access individual object sync or replacement SQL.
Results Summary
Start and end times as well as object, differences, error and warning counts to quickly determine if further investigation is needed
Performance Options
Turn off verbose logging or use cached object definitions to speed comparison operation performance.
Multiple Delta Comparison Operations
Choose between object type, recursive object type, individual object and roles and profiles comparison operations.
Table Replacement Support
Generate table replacement scripts instead of ALTER when needed or by selection.
Server Role and Profile Delta Comparison
Compare roles and profiles between database servers.
Sync Script
Generates a complete sync script for all objects compared that contains the SQL needed to bring the target in sync with the source.
Common Object Attribute Exclusions
Ignore case and whitespace in object definitions. Exclude comments, space, fallback, journal and may other common object attributes that tend to differ by reason across databases and servers.
Object Definition Caching
Cache object definitions to improve comparison operation performance.
Developed for Automation
Command-line application that accepts and outputs industry standard formatted results that simplifies integration into automated processes.
Individual Object Selection Delta Comparison
Select individual database, role and profile objects for comparing.
Differences Limit
Stop comparison operation if number of differences exceeds this threshold.
Verbose Logging
Displays almost every detail of the Delta operation.
Stats Comparison
Compare and detect statistics differences.
Auto Apply
Automatically apply the generated sync script to bring your objects in sync.
Teradata CLI Database Connectivity
Tested to be the fastest mechanism for database information access and retrieval.