Teradata Role and Profile Information and Management

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AtanaSuite RoleTool & Role Wizard allow you to easily convert Teradata user object permissions to roles and manage them once you have done so. RoleTool also supports creation and management of Teradata user profiles!

Need to view and edit your Teradata server roles and profiles?
Find and change role membership and role object permissions?
Then RoleTool is the answer!

Powerful tool allows you to easily create, modify and delete roles and user profiles in Teradata. Also supports deleting old permissions after migrating to roles.

RoleTool takes the pain out of the otherwise agonizing task of managing roles. This powerful tool guides you through the process of creating roles, establishing access rights, defining user membership (which can include roles) and cleaning up redundant permissions afterward. It is fast, easy, accurate and fun!

Powerful Wizard automates the process of migrating existing user object permissions to roles. Also supports deleting old permissions after migrating to roles.

This easy-to-use wizard guides you through the process of creating roles (using user/role templates), adding members (which can include roles), and cleaning up legacy user-level access rights. It even allows you to preview the DDL prior to finishing.

Tool Screenshots

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Key Features

Some of the key features found in RoleTool.

RoleTool Screenshots

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Object Explorer


Role Wizard Add Members


Role Wizard Preview

RoleTool Features

Some of the key features within RoleTool.

Badge ImageUnmatched Role and Profile Management
Fast, multi-tabbed schema browser used for managing roles and profiles with single click access to attributes, members, permissions, and DDL. Point and click GUI for role and profile creation and editing with Preview DDL to facilitate learning through use and promote greater productivity with Teradata newbies.
Badge ImageRole Wizard
This one of a kind wizard makes it easy to migrate existing user and object permissions to roles as well as creating new roles.
Badge ImageGrant/Revoke Object Permissions
Change object permissions with easy to use dialog.
Badge ImageAccess Rights Cleanup
Another feature that helps free up disk and maintain optimum server performance.
Badge ImageObject Explorer
Fast and consistent dockable control used to display database objects. Context menu and shortcut key options to common object functions. Integrated search filter to quickly locate specific objects for selection and use.
Badge ImagePreview DDL
Use simple point and click dialogs to create and modify objects and view the DDL necessary to perform the task as you work. Learn Teradata as you work!
Badge ImageTool-to-Tool Integration
Just a click sends Preview DDL to QueryTool for further analysis or execution.
Badge ImageDrag-n-Drop Membership
Makes it a snap to adds users to roles.


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