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AtanaSuite Enterprise's DependencyTool allows you to see dependencies and relationships between database objects. It even supports location and display of multiple levels of dependencies!

Need to identify object relationships? Then DependencyTool is the answer!

Locates and displays the hierarchy of database objects that a selected object uses. Also displays the database objects that a selected object is used by.

Dramatically reduce the time spent trying to locate dependencies or relationships between database objects. Hierarchy of dependencies is very useful for understanding the impact of changes to objects in your databases.

Using DependencyTool is as easy as point and click. Simply select a user or database from a drop-down list and its objects are displayed in the tabbed left panel. Double click on a object and its dependencies are displayed in the tabbed right panel. Dependent objects can be selected and viewed in either DependencyTool or SchemaTool.

Tool Screenshots

Screenshots of DependencyTool in action.

Key Features

Some of the key features found in DependencyTool.

DependencyTool Screenshots

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Column Used By Tree


Column Used By Merged List

DependencyTool Features

Some of the key features within DependencyTool.

Unique Database Object Dependency Display
Fast database object explorer used to select and display object dependencies down to the column level. Identifies both direct and indirect Uses and Used By relationships in hierarchical and list form. No metadata repository needed! Multiple object selection and dependency document display, merge results, and referencing databases selection are just a few of the powerful features included.
Multiple Level Support
Traverse complex relationships by simply expanding the object node.
Multiple Object Selection
Select multiple objects in Object Explorer and display relationship information for all selected objects.
Object Explorer
Fast and consistent dockable control used to display database objects. Context menu and shortcut key options to common object functions. Integrated search filter to quickly locate specific objects for selection and use.
Reference Validator
Identifies invalid or dead references and provides code to help keep your warehouse clean.
Merge Object Lists
Select multiple objects and merge relationship information for them all.
Tool-to-Tool Integration
Just a click loads selected object in SchemaTool, DataTool or DependencyTool for detailed analysis.
Tree and List View
Display Uses or Used By information for selected objects in tree (hierarchical) or list views.
Bi-Directional Support
Display either Uses or Used By information for selected objects.
Advanced Results Display
User customizable multi-column grouping, filtering, sorting, re-sizing and re-ordering to enable easier results viewing and analysis.
Zero Maintenance
No metadata repository is needed with DependencyTool, so no need to spend time, energy and resources maintaining.
Excel Export
Export result grid information to Excel for reporting purposes.

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