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AtanaSuite CopyTool+ eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual copying, comparing, testing and scripting activities. Use AtanaSuite CopyTool+ to quickly get the job done. Finally, an extremely powerful yet easy to use product for keeping your warehouses, appliances, databases and environments in sync is here – AtanaSuite CopyTool+!

Quickly and easily synchronize entire databases across Teradata warehouses, operational environments, departmental servers and even the latest Teradata appliances! Let AtanaSuite CopyTool+ help you keep these multiple platforms in sync.

Using AtanaSuite CopyTool+ is as easy as drag-n-drop - select the databases and objects to go after, specify a few options and AtanaSuite CopyTool+ does the rest. It can copy objects and data, it can compare objects and data and apply the differences to bring them in sync and it can do both in any combination; as well as for multiple databases at the same time.

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Key Features

Some of the key features found in CopyTool+.

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CopyTool+ Features

Some of the key features within AtanaSuite CopyTool+.

Multiple Database Support
Copy or sync from or into several databases as part of one AtanaSuite SyncTool operation.
Multiple If Object Exists Options
Overwrite, synchronize, skip or copy data only options if target object already exists.
Object Backup
Create a backup of target objects before overwriting for auditing or protective purposes.
AtanaSuite Relationships
Define, display and utilize user-defined relationship and join path information standards for your warehouse. Immediately recognize and automatically use this information within Data Relationships.
Filter Parameters
Create special filter parameters once that can be re-used in multiple places. Modify the parameter in one place and it is automatically applied to all the other places it is being used.
Intelligent Sync Engine
AtanaSuite SyncTool will analyze your databases and objects and automatically determine related objects and proper sync operation sequencing. No need to worry about secondary or join indexes or even related tables - it is built right into AtanaSuite SyncTool.
Multiple Results Display Options
Multi-column grouping, filtering, ordering and sorting provide all the necessary features for individually customizing the operation results display.
Results Export
Available throughout the product that provides exporting results to the most popular formats including Excel.
Drag-n-drop Database and Object Selection
Simply drag databases and objects into the selected area to include in the operation. Select an entire database in one step. Select multiple objects in one step.
Static or Dynamic Object Definition Options
Much like object selection, static works with object definitions when creating an AtanaSuite SyncTool job, while dynamic will retrieve the object definition at AtanaSuite SyncTool runtime.
Multiple Statistics Options
Several options provided for handling statistics copy and recollection.
Data Relationships Filter
Use this filter to establish table relationships and only pull related table data into the target database. Easily create smaller subsets of production databases for use in dev, test, QA or sandbox environments.
Table Filter and Sampling
Provided for easily retrieving subsets of information for inclusion within the table or data copy.
Static or Dynamic Object Privileges Options
Much like object selection, static works with object definitions when creating an AtanaSuite SyncTool job, while dynamic will retrieve the object definition at AtanaSuite SyncTool runtime.
Tool-to-Tool Integration
The AtanaSuite environment is designed to help get you to the right tool for the job by providing toolbar buttons and context menus that enable context aware loading of information from one tool to another.
Static or Dynamic Database and Object Selection
Static selection will select objects that are currently within the database when creating the AtanaSuite SyncTool job, while dynamic selection will automatically determine at AtanaSuite SyncTool runtime the selected objects.
Multiple If Data Exists Options
Overwrite, synchronize or even append data options if target data already exists.
Object Type Option Specification
Select an object type, like tables, and apply the selected options for all tables. Select an individual object to override the object type option setting for the selected object.
Data Relationships Auto Column Matching
Can be used to automatically determine join columns based on column names for selected tables.
Privileges Support
Include object privileges as part of an AtanaSuite SyncTool operation.
Fast Data Transfer
Utilizes fastest protocols available for data copy operations including TPT, FastExport and FastLoad.
Active Script and Server Enabled
Save commonly executed operations as an AtanaSuite Active Script job that can be opened later within JobTool for execution and modification. Purchase AtanaSuite Active Server and take advantage of its centralized job repository, scheduling, execution, monitoring and reporting features.
Combined Progress Log
Window displays realtime operation progress and detailed operation results log.

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