Teradata Database Object Information and Management

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AtanaSuite's SchemaTool allows you to browse, create and edit Teradata database objects. An intuitive graphical interface makes managing your database objects simple!

Not only can you view these objects, SchemaTool gives you complete control over almost every attribute of all your database objects!

SchemaTool's DDL generator dynamically builds DDL on the fly! As you create, modify or drop database objects, the DDL is dynamically generated and displayed in the DDL preview area. You can also view and export DDL for existing database objects!

Want to edit the dynamically generated DDL? Click a button and it is automatically sent to QueryTool where you can easily make changes or execute the code!

Tool Screenshots

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Key Features

Some of the key features found in SchemaTool.

SchemaTool Screenshots

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Object Definition


Object Browser


Move Space

SchemaTool Features

Some of the key features within SchemaTool.

Badge ImageSuperior Database Object Management
Fast, multi-tabbed schema browser used for managing database objects with single click access to attributes, data, permissions, resources, stats and DDL. Point and click GUI for object creation and editing with Preview DDL to facilitate learning through use and promote greater productivity with Teradata newbies.
Badge ImageText File FastLoad Wizard
Quickly load delimited text files with this easy to use Access like wizard.
Badge ImageObject Explorer
Fast and consistent dockable control used to display database objects. Context menu and shortcut key options to common object functions. Integrated search filter to quickly locate specific objects for selection and use.
Badge ImageGrant/Revoke Object Permissions
Change object permissions with easy to use dialog.
Badge ImageMove Space
Move space between databases with intuitive point and click dialog.
Badge ImageData Browser
Quickly browse selected table and view information with this handy feature.
Badge ImageFastLoad and FastExport Script Wizards
Fill in the blanks to create a complete FastLoad or FastExport script for a selected table.
Badge ImagePreview DDL
Use simple point and click dialogs to create and modify objects and view the DDL necessary to perform the task as you work. Learn Teradata as you work!
Badge ImageReplace Table
Edit multiple table settings using a simple point and click dialog or by using drag-n-drop from SQL Helper and have AtanaSuite generate all the DDL and SQL needed to complete the task.
Badge ImageTool-to-Tool Integration
Just a click sends Preview DDL to QueryTool for further analysis or execution.


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