ODBC Table and View Data Import

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Need to get data from ODBC data sources into Teradata quickly? Need to get your Teradata data into ODBC? ImportTool is the answer!

ImportTool is designed to make data movement between ODBC data sources and Teradata a snap. Point-n-click and drag-n-drop enabled to get you quickly on your way to getting the data where you need it the most.

Using ImportTool is simple - open an ODBC data source and a Teradata or ODBC data target. Select source tables and views for data import, specify the import target options and click the execute button.

ImportTool will perform the data transfer and display progress and log information as it works.

Save ImportTool configurations as an AtanaSuite Active Script Job to run later or reuse.

Reduce time spent recreating a data import job that needs to be executed multiple times. Simply create and save it once in ImportTool and then use JobTool to run it over and over again.

Tool Screenshots

Screenshots of ImportTool in action.

Key Features

Some of the key features found in ImportTool.

ImportTool Screenshots

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ImportTool Databases


ImportTool Objects


ImportTool Progress Log

ImportTool Features

Some of the key features within ImportTool.

Badge ImageTable and View Data Import
Drag-n-drop ODBC tables and views from Available Tree to Selected Tree. Specify column lengths where needed, limit data using the provided where clause filter and click the Execute button. Integrated progress bar and detailed log provided for monitoring and review. Even supports copying data using views. AtanaSuite Active Script enabled as well!
Badge ImageMultiple Results Display Options
Multi-column grouping, filtering, ordering and sorting provide all the necessary features for individually customizing the operation results display.
Badge ImageConcurrent Data Copy Support
Set your max number of concurrent operations in prefs and then let ImportTool copy data concurrently.
Badge ImageDrag-n-Drop Object Selection
Simply select an object or objects and drag-n-drop them into the selected area.
Badge ImageData Copy Filter
Restrict the amount of data copied by using the data copy filter.
Badge ImageView Data Copy
Copy data using views.
Badge ImageFast Indeterminate Column Data Type/Length Resolution
Quickly address any indeterminate column data types and lengths by using “Go To Error” shortcut key, menu item or toolbar button.
Badge ImageResults Export
Available throughout the product that provides exporting results to the most popular formats including Excel.
Badge ImageObject Type Option Specification
Select an object type, like tables, and apply the selected options for all tables. Select an individual object to override the object type option setting for the selected object.
Badge ImageCombined Progress Log
Window displays realtime operation progress and detailed operation results log.
Badge ImageActive Script Enabled
Save commonly executed operations as an AtanaSuite Active Script job that can be opened later within JobTool for execution, modification and scheduling.


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