Teradata Database Object Search

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AtanaSuite FindTool allows you to locate database objects and/or object attributes quickly and efficiently!

FindTool offers top-notch speed and functionality for locating database objects and attributes.

FindTool makes it easy to locate database objects!

Quickly establish search parameters, type in the keyword(s) in the database search-engine and let FindTool do the work. Identify complete or partial text and easy to use checkbox selections allow you to widen or narrow the search results.

Using FindTool is as easy as point and click: select databases from drop-down lists, and click checkboxes for objects and attributes to search. Results are displayed in a scrollable table which can be reorganized by simply dragging-n-dropping column headers, or resorted just as quickly by clicking on a column header.

Tool Screenshots

Screenshots of FindTool in action.

Key Features

Some of the key features found in FindTool.

FindTool Screenshots

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FindTool Features

Some of the key features within FindTool

Badge ImageKeyword Object Search
Enter a keyword and select options to quickly locate needed objects within your warehouse.
Badge ImageResults Grouping
Easily view results by dynamically grouping the columns.
Badge ImagePattern Match Options
Beginning, end, anywhere and exact match options for pattern matching.
Badge ImageWildcard Support
Includes a wildcard option for pattern matching.
Badge ImageMultiple Object Type Selection
Choose the database objects that should be included in the search operation.
Badge ImageResults Export
Save results to Excel for use elsewhere.
Badge ImageResults Column Filter
Refine your results display by specifying column filters.
Badge ImageSearch Limit Stop
Stop the search if your limit is reached.
Badge ImageMultiple Attribute Selection
Choose the individual database object attributes that should be included within the search. Set the default settings in preferences and easily edit for each search.
Badge ImageCase Sensitive Option
Select this option to make the search case-sensitive.
Badge ImageTool-to-Tool Integration
Just a click opens the object in SchemaTool for further review.


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