Teradata Database Object Comparison

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AtanaSuite DeltaTool eliminates the guessing game and time-consuming work associated with comparing, locating and correcting database Teradata object differences. It can quickly determine where objects differ, provide detailed results and create the necessary DDL to get them in sync.

Using DeltaTool is as easy as connect, select, specify and click! Just connect to the servers, select the databases, specify delta options and click the execute button. DeltaTool will compare the database objects, display a progress log, compile a complete listing of the differences detected, generate a sync script and even apply it automatically!

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Key Features

Some of the key features found in DeltaTool.

DeltaTool Screenshots

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DeltaTool Features

Some of the key features within DeltaTool.

Badge ImageRobust Database Object Comparison
A powerful and sophisticated Teradata database object comparison engine beneath a simple point-n-click GUI quickly identifies even the smallest of differences. Multiple object type selections and options provided. Delivers detailed results and sync script for review and application. AtanaSuite Active Script and Active Server enabled as well!
Badge ImageIntelligent Comparison Logic
Compares objects at the attribute level for complete difference notification.
Badge ImageCross Server Compare
Sophisticated comparison logic even works across servers.
Badge ImageObject Type Attribute Filter
Include or exclude certain object attributes that could be different across databases or servers.
Badge ImageObject Name Comparison Filter
Limit comparison to named objects by using the name comparison filter.
Badge ImageDifferences Limit
Control the execution of the comparison by specifying a differences limit that if exceeded with stop the comparison.
Badge ImageAtanaSuite Delta Viewer
Individually compare differences side-by-side with the nifty AtanaSuite Delta Viewer.
Badge ImageDatabase Selection
Select the databases to compare and have DeltaTool do the work!
Badge ImageIgnore Case
Perform case insensitive comparison of object bodies when needed.
Badge ImageStatistics Comparison
Quickly identify differences with statistics definitions by selecting this option.
Badge ImageTable Swap
Automatically generates table swap code for table differences that cannot be applied via a standard Teradata table alter statement. AtanaSuite even includes the privileges!
Badge ImageAuto Apply
Have DeltaTool automatically apply the sync script upon comparison completion.
Badge ImageActive Script Enabled
Save commonly executed operations as an AtanaSuite Active Script job that can be opened later within JobTool for execution, modification and scheduling.
Badge ImageVerbose Logging
Select this option to have DeltaTool provide detailed information in the log.
Badge ImageObject Type Filter
Only compare tables, views or other object types by using this filter.
Badge ImageIgnore Whitespace
Eliminate potential non-critical difference identification with this option.
Badge ImageRow Count
Get basic data related differences by selecting the row count option.
Badge ImageComparison Log
Identifies and displays real-time progression of DeltaTool comparison with timestamps for auditing purposes.
Badge ImageSync Script Generation
All the differences found may be corrected with the sync script generated as part of the comparison. Save this to a file or send to QueryTool for editing or execution.
Badge ImagePerformance Optimizations
Additional option available to use cache to optimize performance.
Badge ImageResults Column Filter
Refine your results display by specifying column filters.
Badge ImageResults Export
Save results to Excel for use elsewhere.
Badge ImageTool-to-Tool Integration
The AtanaSuite environment is designed to help get you to the right tool for the job by providing toolbar buttons and context menus that enable context aware loading of information from one tool to another.


AtanaSuite is a proven leader in development, management, query, visualization, compression and synchronization productivity products for popular databases including Teradata and Vantage!