Teradata and ODBC Table and View Data Browser and Editor

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AtanaSuite DataTool allows you to browse and edit data within your Teradata database. View, insert, update and delete rows directly in the spreadsheet like table without writing any SQL!

DataTool makes browsing and editing data so simple that you don't even need to know SQL!

Edit data without writing a single SQL statement!

An easy to use graphical interface lets you view, filter, sort, modify, and delete records quickly and efficiently - without writing a single line of SQL!

Editing data has never been so easy! Insert a new row, delete a row or update existing data with just a few clicks of the mouse! Absolutely no need to write any SQL! Just edit the data as you see it on the screen!

Convenient tool-to-tool integration makes viewing data from database objects simple! Just click on the DataTool icon in other AtanaSuite tools to have the data for that object automatically displayed!

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Key Features

Some of the key features found in DataTool.

DataTool Screenshots

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Where Clause Filter


Find Dialog

DataTool Features

Some of the key features within DataTool.

Badge ImageFast and Simple Data Display and Editing
Teradata table and view data display using a familiar, spreadsheet-like document interface that supports multiple document browsing and editing. Quickly retrieve and edit table data with ease. Advanced filter, edit, locking and export features also provided.
Badge ImageUser customizable Database Display
Tree, list and favorites tabs available to suit any user or corporate installation.
Badge ImageSpreadsheet Interface
Easiest way to browse or edit table and view data.
Badge ImageColumn Filter
Easily select the columns loaded for viewing or editing.
Badge ImageMultiple Data Export Formats
Quickly save information to Delimited, Excel, FastLoad, Text, Vartext and even as Insert statements. Did we mention - it can even create a FastLoad script in the process.
Badge ImageUser Defined Data Save Locking
Complete control over the locks that are established for saving edited information.
Badge ImageCollapsible Table/View Selection List
Collapse the table/view selection area for optimum viewing or editing.
Badge ImageTable and View Data Browser
View only mode for quickly accessing your important information.
Badge ImageData Filter
Only see the information you need by specifying a data filter.
Badge ImageFastLoad Script Wizard
Fill in the blanks to create a complete FastLoad script for a selected table.
Badge ImageInsert/Delete Rows
Insert or delete rows of data by just clicking on this toolbar button.
Badge ImageColor-coded Edit Tracking
Edits highlighted to help visually identify and track changes.
Badge ImageEdit Summary Dialog
Summary display of changes applied to database table.
Badge ImageEdit Confirmation Dialog
Confirm changes prior to applying them to your table.
Badge ImageNo Teradata SQL Knowledge Required
Throw away the manuals! Point, click, edit and save - it does not get any easier than this.
Badge ImageTable Data Editor
Intuitive data editing without the hassle of writing complex insert, update or delete statements.
Badge ImageData Column Filter
Provides additional data viewing control for loaded information.
Badge ImageUser Defined Data Load Locking
Complete control over the locks that are established for loading information.
Badge ImageRow Reset
Select a row and press this button to have the selected row edits replaced with the original information.
Badge ImageEdit Reset
Click to reset and all changes are thrown away and the originally loaded data is restored.
Badge ImageFind/Replace
Easily apply bulk changes by using this handy feature.
Badge ImageTool-to-Tool Integration
SchemaTool, QueryTool and SearchTool can bring up DataTool with a click of the button.


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