Teradata and ODBC Data Comparison

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AtanaSuite CompareTool makes it a snap to compare data in different databases, even on different servers. Great for keeping your test or development servers in sync with production.

CompareTool is particularly useful for synchronizing test, staging and production data!

CompareTool eliminates the guessing game and chasing-down hunches to locate data differences.

Easily connect to reference and comparison databases, specify the tables and columns you want to compare and let CompareTool do the work. CompareTool automatically generates a script to synchronize the two tables!

Using CompareTool is as easy as point and click: select databases and tables from drop-down lists, and click checkboxes for columns and options. Tabs at the top allow for quick navigation to main areas. Automatically generates sync script and provides color-coded SQL for preview!

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Key Features

Some of the key features found in CompareTool.

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CompareTool Features

Some of the key features within CompareTool.

Table Data Comparison
Compare data in Teradata tables with ease and display easy to read results that can be saved to Excel for testing and auditing purposes. Automatically generate a sync script to bring the comparison table in sync with the reference. Utilizes fastest protocols available for performing these comparisons even across servers quickly and easily.
Intelligent Comparison Logic
Compares data at the row level for complete difference notification.
Sync Script Generation
All the differences found may be corrected with the sync script generated as part of the comparison. Save this to a file or send to QueryTool for editing or execution.
Results Export
Available throughout the product that provides exporting results to the most popular formats including Excel.
Table Selection
Select the table to compare and have CompareTool do the work!
Column Filter
Only compare the columns you select with this feature.
Comparison Lock
Specify type of lock to be used when executing comparison.
Auto Apply
Have CompareTool automatically apply the sync script upon comparison completion.
Tool-to-Tool Integration
The AtanaSuite environment is designed to help get you to the right tool for the job by providing toolbar buttons and context menus that enable context aware loading of information from one tool to another.
Cross Server Compare
Sophisticated comparison logic even works across servers.
Differences Limit
Control the execution of the comparison by specifying a differences limit that if exceeded with stop the comparison.
Data Filter
Restrict comparison to certain portions of data by using this filter.
Color-coded Results Display
Easily identify exact differences within the comparison results.
Active Script Enabled
Save commonly executed operations as an AtanaSuite Active Script job that can be opened later within JobTool for execution, modification and scheduling.

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