AtanaSuite Essential
Four tools essential to database management, query, analysis and visualization; along with two core local and server job tools, are found in AtanaSuite Essential to help warehouse information consumers and analysts access and work more productively with Teradata.


AtanaSuite Essential contains the following tools. Click on a tool to get additional information.

Warehouse Data Visualization Development

Teradata and ODBC SQL Development Environment

AtanaSuite ActiveScript Job and Run Management

AtanaSuite Active Server Job and Run Management

Table and View Join Development Environment

Teradata Database Object Information and Management


The following AtanaSuite Add-on products may be purchased and licensed to work with AtanaSuite Essential.

AtanaSuite ActiveScript Job and Chart Scheduling on your Desktop!


Innovations, technology, components and design elements that truly make AtanaSuite the leader in Teradata user, analyst, developer and DBA productivity.

Context aware Teradata statement, keyword, function and database aware dropdowns and tooltips that intelligently guide users in the creation and completion of even the most complex Teradata SQL statements. Built-in syntax error checking as you type to prevent the endless, wasted cycles of syntax checking via execution. It's like having a Teradata professional at your fingertips!
Unparalleled Flexibility and Productivity
Achieved through simultaneous connections to multiple tools, servers and databases.
FastLoad and FastExport Script Wizards
Fill in the blanks to create a complete FastLoad or FastExport script for a selected table.
Preview DDL
Use simple point and click dialogs to create and modify objects and view the DDL necessary to perform the task as you work. Learn Teradata as you work!
Instantly updated, collapsible keyword, context aware outline of SQL editor information that provides easier navigation of even the most complex statements. Select a SQL Map node and have it instantly highlighted in the corresponding SQL editor.
Integrated Join Development Environment
Easily develop complex Teradata table and view joins using a simple point and click GUI tailored specifically for this task. Execute explains and test runs as you work to verify complicated logic.
SQL Formatting
Consistent, customizable formatting that can instantly beautify the ugliest SQL mess.
Multi-Threaded Architecture
Create joins on one server while executing SQL against another with this feature and take your productivity to another level.
AtanaSuite Active Script and Active Server Enabled
Save commonly executed SQL, DDL, DCL, DML and related statements as an AtanaSuite Active Script or Active Server job that can be opened later for execution and modification. Purchase AtanaSuite Active Server and take advantage of its centralized job repository, scheduling, execution, monitoring and reporting features.
Tool-based Design
The AtanaSuite tool-based graphical user interface is designed to help guide users to the specific tool for a specific task or set of tasks common to Teradata warehouse development and management. In doing so, it helps to support and promote a multi-tasking, more productive and collaborative work environment. Many Teradata newbies are surprised at how fast they can become productive by using AtanaSuite, while experienced professionals have adopted it as their must have in working with Teradata on a day to day basis.
Replace Table
Edit multiple table settings using a simple point and click dialog or by using drag-n-drop from SQL Helper and have AtanaSuite generate all the DDL and SQL needed to complete the task.
Join Helper
Intuitive GUI used to represent, organize and simplify the most common aspects associated with join development while providing instantaneous feedback and support throughout the entire process. Tight integration with other key AtanaSuite technologies like IntelliSQL and AtanaSuite Relationships enhances and automates the process which helps to eliminate errors and promote company standards.
AtanaSuite Active Script Job and Run Management
AtanaSuite Active Script jobs and runs are easily managed within this point and click GUI. Just a few clicks is all it takes to browse, open, review, edit and execute previously created Active Script jobs and runs.
AtanaSuite Active Server Job, Scheduler, Run, User and Group Management
AtanaSuite Active Server jobs, runs, scheduler, users and groups are easily managed within this point and click GUI. Just a few clicks is all it takes to browse, search, open, review, schedule, edit and execute previously created Active Server jobs and runs. Adding users and creating groups is just as easy!
“Easy as Pie (Chart)!” Visualization Development
3 step wizard walks you through transforming query results into powerful and insightful visualizations.
Tool-to-Tool Integration
The AtanaSuite environment is designed to help get you to the right tool for the job by providing toolbar buttons that enable context aware loading of information from one tool to another.
Superior Database Object Management
Fast, multi-tabbed schema browser used for managing database objects with single click access to attributes, data, permissions, resources, stats and DDL. Point and click GUI for object creation and editing with Preview DDL to facilitate learning through use and promote greater productivity with Teradata newbies.
Text File FastLoad Wizard
Quickly load delimited text files with this easy to use Access like wizard.
The Ultimate Teradata SQL Editor
A complete, very sophisticated Teradata SQL editor with AtanaSuite IntelliSQL and other advanced editing features like colored syntax highlighting, formatting, line numbers, bookmarks, automatic outlining and more.
SQL Helper
Common object and attribute information browsing with drag-n-drop instant SQL and DDL command generation that is the perfect complement to AtanaSuite IntelliSQL.
Data Browser
Quickly browse selected table and view information with this handy feature.
AtanaSuite Relationships
Define, display and utilize user-defined relationship and join path information standards for your warehouse. Immediately recognize and automatically use this information within SQL Helper and Join Helper.
Results Export
Available throughout the product that provides exporting results to the most popular formats including Excel.
AtanaSuite Expression Helper
A context aware menu that steps through creating difficult on clause join and related syntax.
User Customizable Connection Navigator
Take advantage of this unique feature to create and save connection information utilizing inheritable folder properties that make it a snap to copy and modify almost any aspect of a database connection.
Teradata CLI Database Connectivity
Tested to be the fastest mechanism for database information access and retrieval.