Table and View Join Development Environment

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JoinTool's intuitive user interface walks you through creating a join. Execute or explain as you build the join so that you can validate and evaluate the results. Use AtanaSuite Expression Helper to aid in the construction of join on and other clause expressions.

Easily create complex joins within JoinTool!

Using JoinTool is fast, easy and fun - build multiple table or view join queries in a matter of seconds. Right mouse click in the join on condition, where clause or other clause edit areas to use AtanaSuite Expression Helper to quickly put together expressions for the tables or views selected. Click a button to save as an AtanaSuite Active Script job, or test and evaluate the join using explain and visual explain.

Reduce time spent building and testing join queries. Forget about trying to remember the exact syntax needed for putting together join conditions. Let JoinTool with Expression Helper speed join query building and testing for you today.

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JoinTool Results


JoinTool Features

Some of the key features within AtanaSuite JoinTool

Integrated Join Development Environment
Easily develop complex Teradata table and view joins using a simple point and click GUI tailored specifically for this task. Execute explains and test runs as you work to verify complicated logic.
Results Grouping
Easily view results by dynamically grouping the columns.
Drag-n-drop Column Ordering
Easily re-order selected values and even add casting options.
AtanaSuite Expression Helper
Simple point and click to develop on clause and related syntax.
Results Export
Save results to Excel for use elsewhere.
Results Column Filter
Refine your results display by specifying column filters.
Preview SQL
See the join as it is being created and click to send to QueryTool or save to clipboard.
Tool-to-Tool Integration
Just a click sends the join to QueryTool for additional analysis and editing.
Alias Support
Select a table or view and specify an alias to have it applied within the join.