AtanaSuite ChartTool


Warehouse Data Visualization Development

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With AtanaSuite ChartTool, it is easy to transform your warehouse query results into insightful visualizations.

Utilize the power of Teradata to quickly tabulate or aggregate your data and then use AtanaSuite ChartTool to make it shine!

Easy three step process to quickly start to visualize your efforts.

ChartTool Screenshots

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Chart Wizard


Pie Chart


Bar Graph

ChartTool Features

Some of the key features within AtanaSuite ChartTool

“Easy as Pie (Chart)!” Visualization Development
3 step wizard walks you through transforming query results into powerful and insightful visualizations.
WYSIWYG Chart Designer
Make a design selection and have the chart immediately updated to reflect it.
Quick Chart Creation
Simply select a chart or graph and the XY-axis columns, and you instantly have a data visualization that may be customized to your tastes.
2D/3D Graphs and Charts
Line, area, bar, column and pie charts available, many with both 2D and 3D options.
Multiple Print/Save Options and Formats
Print or save your visualizations to the most popular formats available.
Dockable Control Panel
Dockable designer control panel provides quick and easy access to everything from chart selection to color settings.
Wide Selection
With over 45 different charts and graphs to choose from, the visualization options are almost endless.