AtanaSuite Active Server
Activate Enterprise Intelligence with the ultimate in power and productivity to hit Teradata - AtanaSuite Active Server! Together with any of our AtanaSuite desktop or add-on productivity products, DBAs, developers, consultants and power users can simply, safely and securely create, save, schedule, execute and reuse a multitude of AtanaSuite Active Server jobs. Instantly get more work done in a shorter amount of time by utilizing the powerful, concurrent job processing capabilities within Active Server. With built-in scheduling and email notification, it can even do the work while you are away and keep you posted on its progress!

Active Server Enabled Tools

AtanaSuite Active Server can manage and execute jobs from the following AtanaSuite desktop product tools. QueueTool is the desktop AtanaSuite Active Server job and run management interface.

Teradata Table Data Comparison

Teradata Utility Script Development Environment

Table and View Join Development Environment

Advanced Teradata Database Object and Data Copy

Simple Database Object and Data Copy

AtanaSuite Active Server Job and Run Management

Teradata Database Object Comparison

Teradata and ODBC SQL Development Environment

Active Server Enabled Add-ons

AtanaSuite Active Server can manage and execute jobs from the following AtanaSuite Add-on products.

The Ultimate in Teradata Multi-Value Compression Analysis

The Ultimate in Teradata Database Synchronization


Some of the key features of the AtanaSuite Active Server environment:

Powerful Server Engine
Designed to process AtanaSuite Active Server jobs quickly and efficiently.
User Definable Security Model
Select Teradata user or role-based security model for complete adaptability into any Teradata warehouse environment.
Built-in Scheduling
AtanaSuite Active Server job scheduler included to immediately take advantage of Active Server processing power.
Multiple Teradata Server Job Execution Support
Simultaneously execute jobs against multiple Teradata servers with a single AtanaSuite Active Server.
Latest Encryption Technology
Utilizes AES and RSA encryption algorithms to protect job detail, run results and other information.
User Control Model and Support
Provides control over everything from job creation and execution to run results viewing.
Unique Client Database Server Architecture
AtanaSuite clients communicate with Teradata-based AtanaSuite Active Server via the same mechanism used within the client-only environment. Reduces the need to support additional communication protocols, increases performance and reduces network traffic.
Graphical Configuration Wizard
Guides you through the setup and configuration of AtanaSuite Active Server. Get up and running with AtanaSuite Active Server quickly!
Concurrent Job Processing
Multi-threaded architecture supports processing of multiple jobs concurrently and is customizable based on user-defined parameters.
Centralized Job Queue
Server processing based on a centralized database queue of jobs.
Third-party Scheduler Support
Additional third-party job scheduling support also included to enhance existing infrastructure adaptability.
Group Control Model and Support
Also provides a group control mechanism to facilitate and support multiple group structures that may be used within your organization.
Server Enabled Client Architecture
QueueTool, our server based access tool, is included in all AtanaSuite client-based productivity products. Simply install AtanaSuite Active Server and setup the client to start using it immediately.
Microsoft Windows Service
Controllable via Windows Service Control Manager and utilizes Windows event logging for messaging.
Tool-based Design
The AtanaSuite tool-based graphical user interface is designed to help guide users to the specific tool for a specific task or set of tasks common to Teradata warehouse development and management. In doing so, it helps to support and promote a multi-tasking, more productive and collaborative work environment. Many Teradata newbies are surprised at how fast they can become productive by using AtanaSuite, while experienced professionals have adopted it as their must have in working with Teradata on a day to day basis.
Centralized Database Job Repository
Teradata-based AtanaSuite Active Server job repository centralized to support collaboration and reuse.
Customizable Server Settings
Tune AtanaSuite Active Server to work within your environment. Specify concurrent job processing, polling interval, connection pooling and other settings for optimum performance and resource utilization.
Connection Pooling
Configurable to take advantage of connection pooling for additional control over database resource utilization.
Batch Capabilities
Advanced control over execution of related or dependent jobs with both parallel and serial execution supported.
Collaborative Development Environment
Promotes collaboration in development and warehouse management by virtue of all the features within the product.
Centralized Administration and Control
Job creation, scheduling, execution and control from one tool. Additional job and run cleanup mechanisms also provided.
Server and Job Email Notifications
Support both server status and job completion email notifications.
Teradata CLI Database Connectivity
Tested to be the fastest mechanism for database information access and retrieval.