Check Out Our Latest Lineup!

  • Leads off the lineup - recently debuted and extremely popular for data analytics!
  • Complete query and visualization for all Teradata databases, including Vantage!
  • A must have for every data analyst!
  • Vantage Query tools plus some of our more popular tools for developing and managing Teradata and ODBC databases
  • Easily browse, edit, copy, compare, import, export, query and visualize data and objects
  • A solid choice for Teradata and ODBC developers and analysts!
  • Contains all of our tools. That is over 20 different tools, wizards, builders and helpers!
  • Everything needed to browse, create, copy, compare, compress, edit, export, import, script, query, visualize and manage objects, data, roles and profiles!
  • A Teradata and Vantage DBA must have!

Easily Create Beautiful Dashboards!

Instantly turn your data into amazing visualizations
Turn any query result set into a dashboard visualization
Export dashboards or visualizations to popular formats

The Ultimate Teradata SQL Editor!

Join Helper
SQL Helper, SQL Map and SQL Objects
Named Parameters
Multiple Database Connections
SQL Formatting and Automatic Outlining
Execution History
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Informative Visualizations!

Grid, Pivot Grid and Text
Time Series
Bar and Column
Stacked Bar, Column and Area
Pie, Funnel and Doughnut
Area, Line and Spline
Step Area, Line and Spline
OHLC and Candlestick financial
Choropleth and Tree maps
Sparkline, KPI and many more

Quickly Move Data Between Teradata and ODBC!

Drag-n-Drop Object Selection
Copy Data Using Views
Concurrent Data Copy Support
Data Filter Option
Copy Multiple Tables and Views
Save Settings As A Job For Scheduling
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Keep Multiple Teradata Environments In Sync!

Drag-n-Drop Object Selection
Object and Data Sync or Copy
TPT or FE/FL Data Transfer
Include Statistics
Sync or Copy Entire Databases
Save Settings As A Job For Scheduling
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Easily Identify Object Dependencies!

Provides Uses and Used By Information
Multiple Depth Support
Cross Database Relationships Supported
Multiple Object Selection
Export Results to Excel
Tree and List View Options
No Metadata Repository Needed
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The First and Best in Teradata Object Comparison!

Individual Object and Object Type Selection
Name Substitution
Cross Server Support
Replace Table Logic
Sync Script Generation
Save Settings As A Job For Scheduling
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AtanaSuite is a proven leader in development, management, query, visualization, compression and synchronization productivity products for popular databases including Teradata and Vantage!